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Executive summary 1. As your treating clinician and therefore custodian of personal information relating to your medical treatment, I must use that information  only in accordance with all applicable law and guidance.  This Privacy Notice provides you with a detailed overview of how I will manage your data from the point at which it is gathered and onwards, and how that complies with the law.  I will use your personal information for a variety of purposes including, but not limited to, providing you with care and treatment, sharing it with other medical professionals, financial intermediaries and research/clinical audit programmes.  2. In addition, you have a number of rights as a data subject.  You can, for instance, seek access to your medical information, object to me using your information in particular ways, request rectification of any information which is inaccurate or deletion of information which is no longer required (subject to certain exceptions).  The Privacy Notice also sets out your rights in respect of your personal information, and how to exercise them.  3. For ease of reference, the full text of the Notice is broken into separate sections with headings which will help you to navigate through the document.  
General Data Protection Regulation.  (GDPR)